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About Us

History & Philosophy

A problem identified

In late 2016, a group of likeminded people in the Sports industry identified fundamental flaws in the Talent Management sector.

Far too many athletes became bankrupt after a successful sporting career and it was clear that something wasn’t right. They saw an opportunity to create a new type of management company.

The Idea

With many agencies signing too many players and acting solely on a transactional basis with no long term thought for the athlete, they believed that a fresh, modern, transparent and honest approach could make a big impact in the market. With the knowledge, network, influence & expertise of the shareholders involved, there was a real opportunity to make a difference.


In 2017, INS Management Ltd was incorporated. Bringing together a collective of specialists designed to guide a client through every stage of their career, we created a unique proposition for athletes.

Bespoke service

Our strategy was to start by signing a small roster of athletes, so we could prove ourselves in the market and build something worthwhile.

With client welfare and good advice at the core of our business, we apply honesty and integrity whilst maintaining and building strong relationships.

About us



We provide a thorough assessment of every opportunity to ensure the best decision is made, and to discover all the options. This includes full analysis of all known factors ie market, contractual & external factors.


Is the current environment the correct one for the athlete? This is a key part of our ‘big picture’ client planning.


Early preparation is critical. With a focus on post career planning, we ensure the athlete is exploring areas of interest off the field and continuing to develop in life, whilst providing introductions and encouragement.


Giving the athlete the backing they need to allow them to flourish and maximise their ability.

About us



Via our relationship with The Ubiquity Group, we are able to manage and monetise the digital footprints of our athletes. This means creating an infrastructure to generate long lasting returns for our clients.


Our team have experience at the highest levels of Sport and Business, allowing them to make the right call for the athlete.


Helping to grow the profile of our clients, and when appropriate to source potentially lucrative commercial partnerships and opportunities.


Our large network of trusted brands and services provide the athlete with their own family office.